Enhancing Value in Children’s Healthcare

At CHA, we enable children’s healthcare services to share data, ideas and expertise in four core areas, with the collective aim that all children & young people receive safe, high quality & equitable healthcare when they need it.

Value based healthcare is about continuously striving to deliver care for children, young people and their families that improves: 

  • health outcomes that matter most to children & families
  • the child & family’s experiences of receiving care
  • the experiences of providers of care (happy staff deliver great care), and
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of the care given

Learn more about how we are supporting children's services to enhance the value of their care:

Optimising Health Outcomes for Children, Young People & Families

We know a lot about what healthcare services we provide to children and young people, but a lot less about how effective they are in improving children’s health and wellbeing. CHA is supporting interested member services to understand and improve health outcomes in two innovative projects.

Optimising Children’s Experiences of Receiving Care

Parents and carers have long been used as proxies for giving feedback about paediatric healthcare. Valuable as this is, the views of children themselves are also vital. Find out how CHA members are working to make this possible.

Optimising Wellbeing for Paediatric Healthcare Providers

Skilled, resilient and committed staff are essential to meeting the needs of children and their families. CHA actively supports members to share strategies, tools and resources to help those providing care to children and families do their very best.

Enhancing care efficiency & effectiveness

The more efficiently health resources are used, the more children & families can be cared for. Find out how CHA supports members to assess and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their services.

To find out more about our Benchmarking Program

To find out more about our Benchmarking Program

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