Leadership Scholarships For Women in Health

Women & Leadership Australia has announced a new round of scholarships to enable more women in the health sector to undertake career-enhancing leadership development programs.

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Announcing our 2022 Medal of Distinction recipient – Dr Elisabeth Hoehn

Elisabeth’s contribution to children’s healthcare is both exceptional and outstanding. Over the past 20 years, Elisabeth has been instrumental in the conceptualisation, development, and implementation of the mental health continuum of care for parents in the perinatal period, infants, young children and their carers in Queensland and Australia.  Elisabeth is …

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The Hush Foundation: Gathering of Kindness – Lift your gaze from the daily grind, 7-11 November 2022

The Hush Foundation’s long-term vision for a kinder, safer environment for those both working in and receiving care in healthcare feels more urgent than ever.  Our partners agree!  Get in quick if you want to take advantage of Safer Care Victoria’s special offer to Victorian healthcare workers of 50% off …

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Ride for their Lives 2022 – 100s in healthcare cycling against air pollution

Ride for their Lives (RTFL) 2022 is seeking groups of healthcare providers to organise one-day events both in the run-up to COP 27 and on into 2023.

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2022 Youth Health Conference – Melbourne, VIC: 7-9 November 2022

2022 Youth Health Conference, Melbourne VIC: 7-9 November 2022
The Australian Association for Adolescent Health warmly invites you to Centrepiece at Melbourne Park, for the 2022 Youth Health Conference.

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Healthcare Without Conflict Masterclass

Have you or your colleagues experienced conflict with a child and their family?

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity for this international masterclass with renowned international trainers, Sarah Barclay, Esse Menson, and Susan Macnaughton.

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EVENT: Greening the Healthcare Sector Forum – Friday 7th October

At CHA we are seeing rising concern across the children’s healthcare sector about the negative impacts of climate change on the health and wellbeing of today’s children & young people in their lifetimes. It is important that we ensure that the clinical care provided to children does not impact the health & wellbeing of the environment in which they live.

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Former CHA President recognised for Queen’s Birthday honours

Congratulations to Executive Director of Medical Services, Professor Trish Davidson who was recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for her contribution to health.

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Introducing – Grand Rounds hosted by CHA

CHA is proud to be partnering with our members to make the best child and adolescent focused Grand Rounds talks accessible to a wide audience from across the CHA community.  With the consent of presenters, we have created a new ‘Grand Rounds’ forum in the CHA members Community.  

Members can access these presentations at any time ….

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CHA members care for over 67% of children receiving public inpatient care across Australia.  

There are more than 95 services of various sizes participating in the CHA community.

These services bring a wealth of expertise about paediatric healthcare to the table.

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