Paediatric Units

This network is a combination of the Paediatric Units network and the Nurse Unit Managers network. It serves as a multidisciplinary group for staff in non-tertiary paediatric units and a peer group for nurse unit managers.

Chairs: Janine Sawford (Royal Hobart Hospital TAS), Susan Moloney (Gold Coast University Hospital QLD) & Clinton Griffiths (Ballarat Health Service VIC)

Who is it for?

Clinicians in non-tertiary paediatric units interested to network with peers on a wide range of issues relevant to delivering care to children & families as part of adult healthcare services 
Nurse unit managers (NUMs) interested in collaboratively sharing challenges and success to improve the delivery of services for children & families.  

“When I first joined CHA, I was reaching out to a well-established network of like-minded children and young people advocates, searching for how to improve and do things better by sharing experiences and ideas. Now I understand how amazing this network ability is and I have proof of how it has helped our local kids and families…”

Clinton Griffiths, Nurse Unit Manager Paediatrics, Ballarat Health Services

Recent Conversations

These conversations and presentations are hosted in our online Members Community. These pages can only be accessed by our members when they are logged into their accounts.
  • Many paediatric nurses have then faced redeployment to other areas of their hospital.  How can this best be done?  What supports should be provided to your paediatric nurses who are redeployed?  What accountability should there be for the adult ward they work for?  
  • Management of patients with challenging behaviours in the Paediatric Ward  
  • Project CALM – Prevention & Management of Procedural Pain, Anxiety and Pain Related Distress 
  • What Matters to you? the global movement having more patient engagement in wards, by listening to what matters to children and young people.  
  • Hospital in The Home – Caring for the Covid+ Paediatric Patients
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