National Paediatric Medicine Forum

The aim of the National Paediatric Medicine Forum is to improve equity of access and provide guidance and consistency in the high-quality use of new, high-cost medicines in paediatric patients across Australia.

National Paediatric Medicines Forum (NPMF) is a national expert panel formed by the tertiary Children’s Hospital through CHA that aims to: 

  • Evaluate clinical efficacy and cost effectiveness of in scope high costhigh-cost medications 
  • Assess referrals for the use of new, high costhigh-cost medicines in paediatric patients. 
  • Disseminate recommendations to all participating paediatric healthcare services 
  • Collect information and share experiences between participating facilities 

With a view to: 

  • Promote and improve equity of access to medicines 
  • Promote high quality use of medicine in paediatric patients
  • Promote consistency of treatment in paediatric patients across Australia 

The NPMF evaluates novel, high costhigh-cost therapies and disseminates evidence based, peer reviewed (by subject matter experts) recommendation summaries.  


Medications chosen for evaluation have come from horizon scanning and discussions that members have been raised at their local Drug & Therapeutics Committees as high cost and novel with limited evidence in paediatric patients. 

For further information please contact the NPMF Pharmacist, Deshina Naidoo

Medications Reviewed 2022

Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee consumer comments submitted with patient usage data

Appendix One: Current Membership

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