Child Development
Services Learning Network

CHA is supporting interested member services to work together, to share learning, data and knowledge, to build understanding about what is working well in delivering Child Development Services Around Australia and New Zealand.

18 services are participating in our Child Development Services Learning Network

CHA is guided by the Learning Network Model developed by the James M Anderson Centre for Health Systems Excellence (link is external) at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. 

“In a Collaborative learning network, patients, families, clinicians, researchers and health system leaders work together across multiple sites to achieve a common goal for a target group of children, sharing data that drives improvement and research.  It’s an all teach, all learn model.”

What matters to you?

The Child Development Services Learning Network is supporting an advanced trainee project to understand from the family perspective what are meaningful outcomes and goals to families when visiting a Child Development Service.

The project also aims to develop a patient reported outcome measure (PROM) to help benchmark service delivery and ensure the best possible outcomes for all children and families across Australia.

CHA CDS Service profile benchmarking reports

Activity and service profile reports have helped to map out the different ways in which CDS are structured, the kinds of skill mix and expertise they can offer to children and families, the access and referral pathways in place, and the types of diagnoses seen and services offered.  

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