Profiles of Service Structures & Models of Care

CHA regularly supports children’s healthcare services to share ideas and experience on optimising the design and delivery of specific areas of their services

Each Children’s healthcare service across Australia and New Zealand is unique.  The healthcare needs of local communities of families varies, as do the structures, facilities, staff, and resources of their local paediatric service. 

 However paediatric services also have a lot in common. No matter the needs and complexity of patients and families seen, there need to be emergency care, medical, surgical and outpatient services provided.  Child development and Child & adolescent mental health services and are also typically required.  There are many opportunities for paediatric services to network through CHA to showcase what’s going well at their service and to learn from others on areas of common challenge.   

Mapping service design & models of Care

Children’s services find it valuable to be able to share information about the structures, resources and models of care they are using to meet the needs of local children and families.  CHA regularly supports them to do this.    

 In the past year alone, CHA has collected data and provided bespoke benchmarking reports about roles, structures, resources & models of care for: 

  • paediatric emergency departments  
  • child development services, and 
  • child & adolescent eating disorder services 

 These reports help participating services to understand similarities and differences in the design and delivery of their paediatric services.  Often this leads to opportunities to showcase models of care that are proving particularly effective.  Exemplar services are always generous in sharing information to assist others to adopt/adapt similar models to improve care and outcomes for the children and families they serve locally.   

 The CHA member’s community contains more than 100 presentations on innovative models of care that are making a difference to children and families

To find out more about our Benchmarking Program

To find out more about our Benchmarking Program

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