Our Priorities

CHA is proud to support a wide range of members, from large specialist hospitals to small rural services throughout Australasia, to network and learn from one another – we are led by our members and what is important to them. Our members are united by their dedication to providing excellence in paediatric care.

As an organisation we welcome ideas, contributions and perspectives that mean we can improve our knowledge, understand our differences and work and learn together.  The health of children and young people matters; your membership counts.  Together we can make a big difference to the optimal, equitable health and wellbeing for children and young people receiving care. 

CHA’s vision & strategic priorities are outlined in our strategic plan developed in consultation with members: 

We achieve our goals through a range of initiatives including benchmarking, networking, and collaborations:


The CHA Benchmarking program is the only dedicated children’s health benchmarking program in Australia and New Zealand.   

CHA offers members access to a highly specialised benchmarking program tailored to meet their needs. Benchmarking clinical care processes and outcomes with peers is vital for children’s care services seeking to assess the quality and safety of care provided.   


CHA creates opportunities for our members to connect and share ideas, learnings and innovations within professional networks of like-minded peers.  

Connect through web conferences, events, specific topic-led forums and through our secure online member community to share expertise, examples of best practice, and challenges with one another.     

Networks are open to all interested staff from member hospitals.  

Collaboration & Sharing of Innovations

CHA supports member services to work together, to share learning and to partner with children and families to deliver safe, high quality & equitable healthcare to all children and young people.  

We work with our member services to identify priority areas and provide opportunities to work together, to share learning, expertise and to collaborate on topics of interest.  

There are many opportunities available to members to get involved in these projects. 

Advocacy for Children and their Families

Together we can make a big difference to optimal health and wellbeing for children, young people and their families, when they need it most.   

CHA is a respected advocate for the paediatric services sector.  

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