Optimising Health Outcomes for Children, Young People & Families

We know a lot about what healthcare services we provide to children & young people, but a lot less about how effective they are in improving children’s health and wellbeing. CHA is supporting interested member services to understand and improve health outcomes in two innovative projects.

Traditionally, Healthcare Services are very good at capturing & evaluating data about the processes of care, such as how many patients there are, how long they require a hospital bed, whether or not they have an unexpected admission, what their principal diagnosis is for treatment, and how much pharmacy or pathology services they need.   In general, it is much harder to get a good feel from existing data systems for the effectiveness of our services in optimising the health and wellbeing of the children & young people receiving care.   

CHA is currently supporting two different groups of interested members with a shared passion for improving care and outcomes to work together using a Learning Health Network model.   Their focus is on:  

Both groups are using the Learning Health Network model pioneered by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Anderson Centre for Health Systems Excellence in the United States.  This involves having a strong focus on the children & families, capturing & sharing data about care and outcomes, and openly sharing learnings & expertise to accelerate improvements in care and outcomes.   

All interested members are welcome to participate in either or both of these Learning Health Networks.   

To find out more about our Benchmarking Program

To find out more about our Benchmarking Program

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