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Accelerating the sharing of excellence and innovation among health services caring for children, young people and their families

Children's Healthcare Australasia (CHA)

CHA is a vibrant non-profit community of more than 90 children’s hospitals and paediatric units throughout Australia and New Zealand.  

CHA recognises that managers and clinicians involved in the care of children and young people face similar challenges, despite each service being unique. We recognise that the expertise for addressing these common challenges, and for coming up with innovative solutions, often lies within the member community.    

That’s why our primary focus is on helping managers and clinicians of paediatric services to network with one another, to share their ideas and expertise efficiently.  We facilitate the spread of innovations and excellence for the benefit of all children & families requiring healthcare.  

CHA online Members Community - create your account now

When a health service joins CHA, all managers and clinicians are invited to access the CHA Members Community.  This is a secure online portal for sharing of ideas, knowledge, advice, tools and resources among managers and clinicians of paediatric services across Australia and New Zealand.   

What you’ll have access to: 

Through the online CHA Members Community you can network 24/7 with more than 3,200 other clinicians & managers who share your passion for excellence in children’s healthcare.   

By setting up an account you can:  

  • Join the online member’s community to participate in any of our 17 niche professional Networking groups
  • Access benchmarking data for your hospital.
  • Find out what others are doing to successfully tackle common challenges. 
  • Showcase the improvements your hospital is making for children and their families.  

We can’t wait to see you there soon! 

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