CHA offers members access to a highly specialised benchmarking program tailored to meet members’ needs. Benchmarking clinical care processes and outcomes with peers is vital for children’s care services seeking to assess the quality and safety of care provided. Since 2006 CHA has been providing a benchmarking service to our member hospitals, allowing them to compare costs and patient outcomes with other hospitals throughout Australaia and New Zealand.  

Our benchmarking program focuses on two main areas of performance;

  • Operational performance, including the numbers of patients cared for by diagnosis, their Average Length of Stay and Average Costs compared to peers and to the National Efficient Price
  • Clinical performance, including measures of patient experience, access to timely healthcare services, unintended harms to patients while in healthcare and other measures.  

CHA's benchmarking program in both of these areas has been significantly enhanced in both of these areas in recent years.  Data is now being shared among paediatric services not only on inpatient care but for Emergency Department and Outpatient Care as well.  Because of the significant growth in participation in the CHA community, it is now possible to provide meaningful benchmarks to member hospitals with peer services of a similar size and capabilitiy, as well as with the paedicatric sector as a whole.  This provides richer insights into decisionmaking about resource allocation.  For example, whether for a given number of annual presentaitons of children to your ED, you have similar staffing profile and waiting times to peer services.  

CHA's benchmarking program provides every participating paediatric service with tailored reports that enable them to identify areas in which they are performaing strongly, as well as opportunities to enhance performance, improve patient care and lower costs.  Data from the program is regularly analysed within the various networking groups of CHA, and members generously share insights with peers about how they are achieving favourable performance in a given area.  Through sharing ideas and knowledge of innovation and best practice, all members have the opportunity to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the care they provide to children and their families.