Children in healthcare have unique needs and vulnerabilities. That’s why CHA’s benchmarking program is such a strong and trusted resource for leaders of paediatric services. We provide meaningful comparisons among more than 90 children’s hospitals & paediatric units who share a passion for ensuring all children receive the best possible care.

Find out what's on offer and how to participate

Emerging Trends in Children’s Healthcare

What's changing in terms of the needs of children & young people for healthcare? Find out which diagnoses CHA member healthcare services are seeing more of, and how the sector is responding.

Enhancing Value in Children’s Healthcare

Value based healthcare is about continuously striving to deliver better care and outcomes for children, young people and their families. CHA members support one another in this vital mission.

Benchmarking Resources for Service Leaders

To enhance the value of children's healthcare services, leaders need meaningful peer comparisons that help them to recognise the strengths of their service & to identify areas for potential improvement. That’s why CHA’s Benchmarking Program is such a strong and trusted resource for service leaders.

New Benchmarking Initiatives

As children's health services strive to continuously improve their care & services, so CHA strives to continually enhance our Benchmarking Program and the insights it can generate to support service & clinical leaders.
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