Monash Partners Consumer Advisory Panel for Child Health

Monash Partners are establishing a Child Health Consumer Advisory Panel. It aims to provide advice to support child health research and healthcare improvement. The Child Health Consumer Advisory Panel will be made up of parents and carers with:

  • different language and cultural backgrounds
  • an interest in having a say in child health
  • experience coming to the hospital emergency department or being admitted to the hospital for their child.
Further details
  • The panel will have up to 14 members including 8-10 community members, 1-2 researchers/clinicians and 1-2 dedicated support officers.
  • The group will meet about 4-5 times in 12 months; most meetings will be online, and there will be one in-person meeting for 1-2 hours.
  • There will be pre-reading before meetings, with papers sent at least five days before each meeting.
  • There will be emails between meetings.
  • Members are recruited for up to 2 years; however, they can step down anytime.
  • Payment for time is offered as a gift voucher of $50 per hour for meeting attendance, meeting
    preparation and parking expenses.
  • Meetings will be arranged at times to suit members.

We encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, migrant, refugee and LGBTIQ+
community members.

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