Introducing – Grand Rounds hosted by CHA

Every week, in various children’s hospitals and paediatric units across Australia and New Zealand there are some excellent presentations being shared about child health and wellbeing.    But too often they are able to be accessed only by staff of the health service at which the presenter works.  

CHA is proud to be partnering with our members to make the best child and adolescent focused Grand Rounds talks accessible to a wide audience from across the CHA community.  With the consent of presenters, we have created a new ‘Grand Rounds’ forum in the CHA members Community. 

Grand Rounds cover a vast array of topics and issues in children’s health and care.  

Recent Conversations

These conversations and presentations are hosted in our online Members Community.
These pages can only be accessed by our members when they are logged into their accounts.

These presentations have been generously shared by our members – we thank them for their generosity in sharing their expertise and ideas with peers from across Australia and New Zealand.  We plan to keep updating the Grand Round talks every month, so visit the Grand Rounds forum and click ‘join’ if you’d like to receive email notifications of new content there. 

Check it out today!  

Members can access Grand Rounds presentations in
our online Members Community

All staff of member hospitals have access to all resources and presentations in the secure online Members Community.
To join, create a free new account or if you already have one login now to the Members Community.

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