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We would thank our members for their dedication, and commitment to our vision, and for their time and generosity in contributing to the CHA Member Community.

CHA Medal of Distinction

Recipient  Announced on the Evening of 31 October 2019! 

Children’s Healthcare Australasia were thrilled to announce the recipient of the 2019 CHA Medal of Distinction, Professor Trish Davidson, at the annual CHA Paediatric Units Face to Face Insight Forum in Melbourne.   

Professor Trish Davidson was awarded for outstanding contribution to improving the health of children through service provision, leadership and advocacy.  Trish is currently the Executive Director Medical Services, Hunter New England LHD, New South Wales.  She has been recognised for her contribution to surgical education; clinical reform, management and leadership to achieve best practice; and governance and programme implementation for systems in hospital and community settings.  Her compassion and dedication to children has lead to numerous honours over the years and we express sincere gratitude for her previous appointments as board director and president of Children’s Healthcare Australasia (ended in March 2019).   

An inspiring leader in children’s health and worthy recipient for this year’s medal, we congratulate Professor Trish Davidson for her successes in delivering the best possible care to children and young people. 

There were truly outstanding submissions this year, with some very worthy nominees, all of whom should be congratulated for their highly valued contributions to children’s healthcare in Australasia.  The nominee list for this year, all of whom received awards for recognition of their achievements, include: 

  • A/Professor Andreas Schibler 
  • Dr Angela Titmuss 
  • Elizabeth Watkins 
  • Professor David Forbes 
  • Dr Kiki Maoate 
  • Dr Judith Bragg 
  • Kerry Gordon 
  • Professor Michael Brydon 
  • Leanne Czerniecki 
  • Sue Marsh 
  • Sue Scott 
  • Tomas Ratoni 
  • Travis Cole  
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