Our Story

CHA has a long history of supporting children’s hospitals and paediatric services, helping them to share innovative approaches to the design & delivery of healthcare for children, young people & their families.

More than ninety children’s hospitals and paediatric units throughout Australia and New Zealand actively participate in the CHA community.  This robust & diverse community has grown from humble beginnings.   

CHA was originally established in 1988 as the Australasian Association of Paediatric Teaching Hospitals.  The organisation was the brainchild of the then CEO of the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Barry Catchlove, who was inspired to help his service strive for excellence through closer connection with and opportunities to learn from peers in the other children’s hospitals caring for similar children & families.  Brian Fotheringham became the founding President.   

In the 1990s, the Constitution was amended to enable paediatric units within General Hospitals to join, in recognition of the fact that the majority of hospital care provided to children and their families occurs outside the dedicated children’s hospitals.  The organisation’s name was changed to Children’s Hospitals Australasia, membership began to grow, and the first CEO was appointed, Dr John Yeatman.    

In 2011 the organisation again changed its name to Children’s Healthcare Australasia’.  This name was felt to better reflect the whole journey for children & their families accessing care in different healthcare settings, including both community and hospital services. 

While each children’s healthcare service is unique, managers and clinicians involved in the care of children and young people face similar challenges. We recognise that within our member community, there is rich expertise for addressing these common challenges, and for coming up with innovative solutions. 

That’s why our primary focus is on helping people within our membership to network with one another, to share their ideas and expertise efficiently. We facilitate the spread of innovative models of care and best practice in the interests of all children and families needing our care.   

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