National Safety & Quality Digital Mental Health Standards

5 May 2020

Update: Consultation extended and new fact sheets available

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) is continuing the consultation process on the draft National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health (NSQDMH) Standards.

The Commission recognises that the COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented demand on health services and healthcare workers, and has affected the lives of all Australians. Any support you can provide for this project under the current circumstances is highly appreciated.
To allow organisations and individuals additional time to respond, the Commission is extending the end date of the consultation process to 29 May 2020.
Stakeholders can view the draft NSQDMH Standards on the Commission’s website and provide feedback via an online survey.
To support the consultation process, the Commission has added new dates to a series of online forums and webinars facilitated by Dr Peggy Brown AO, Senior Clinical Advisor. Stakeholders are welcome to attend any of these sessions regardless of their location.

Fact sheets for consumers, carers and clinicians

The Commission has developed a series of fact sheets to provide tips for consumers, carers and clinicians choosing a digital mental health service. These fact sheets are based on the research and consultation the Commission has undertaken during the development of the NSQDMH Standards.

To download these fact sheets or for further information on the consultation process please visit the Commission’s website at
You can also contact:

Ben Prest
Senior Project Officer