Invitation to comment: IHPA Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services 2019-20

20 June 2018

CHA invites you to comment on and share issues or recommendations with us and we will reinforce your view points in a collective CHA submission to IHPA. 


The Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services 2019-20 is fundamental to the National Health Reform Agreement and underpins the determination of the annual National Efficient Price and National Efficient Cost for Australian public hospital services. Feedback gathered in this public consultation process will be used to help inform IHPA’s final Pricing Framework for 2019-20. The consultation paper can be found here.


CHA has identified some key areas for your consideration but encourage you to review the full consultation paper to provide comment on other proposed changes that could affect the pricing of childrens services.

1: IHPA is considering how best to set the National Efficient Price for activity based funded public hospitals. This will include a Fundamental review of the National Pricing Model and adjustments to the National Efficient Price (Section 6).

2: A National Efficient Cost (NEC) has been developed by IHPA for hospitals with activity levels which are too low to be suitable for funding on an activity basis, such as small rural hosptals (Section 9).

3: Building on previous work to introduce options for integrating safety and quality into hospital pricing and funding, IHPA is now looking to introduce a risk adjustment method for avoidable hospital readmissions with 3 options set out within this consultation paper (Section 11).


Please email your comments and feedback to Narelle by COB 6 July 2018.