Generation V Focus Area Survey

29 October 2019

Help shape the wellbeing of Australia's children and parents

Please take this 10 minute GenV Survey

Our rapidly-changing world is having both positive and negative impacts for today’s children and their families. This includes high rates of complex health and development problems, and a search for better ways to promote wellbeing. However, our traditional approaches to problem-solving and research are struggling to keep pace at the rate we need.

GenV is an initiative led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and backed by the Victorian Government. It will help address these issues by better linking existing data, supplemented with data from up to 170,000 Victorian children born between 2021-2022 and their parents, telling a holistic story of lifelong health and wellbeing.

Policy-makers, researchers, service providers, educators and practitioners will be able to use GenV’s powerful data to accelerate the discovery of solutions for children and parents today.

GenV needs your contribution to ensure that GenV knows about the questions confronting you.

Please help GenV to understand your needs by completing GenV's Focus Area Survey. ​The survey will remain open until 9:00am Monday 11 November 2019. Your input is important and can help to shape GenV's priorities, data and resources.

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