Frontline Patient Safety by Dr Glendon Farrow

4 February 2020

Dr Glendon Farrow has released a fantastic book for those in the frontline of healthcare - nurses, doctors, allied health professionals who practice at the bedside in wards, emergency departments and intensive care units across the country.  
It’s particularly aimed at new recruits who are starting out in their career and need to have critical information available to them in order to be safe. There is no time for you to gain experience, but it’s experience that you need to make safe and sensible decisions. 

This book is about
• individual strategies, and not about safety systems
• responsibility, and not about blame

Please see below for a review from Dr Barb Verson, CEO of Children's Healthcare Australasia: 

“This is one of those rare gifts in our collective efforts to strengthen the safety & quality of hospital care. Succinctly written yet imbued with rich experience & insight, Dr Farrow has succeeded in sharing invaluable pearls of wisdom in a manner that gets you turning the pages with eager anticipation. I’d highly recommend this book to any clinician who’s serious about providing safer care to children, or to adults for that matter, who require hospital care.”

— Dr Barb Vernon PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Healthcare Australasia

Follow the link for more information and to purchase this book: