Consultation on Australia’s draft National Injury Prevention Strategy

4 June 2020

CHA is seeking your input in preparing a response on the Draft National Injury Prevention Strategy. Children aged 1 – 14 are highlighted in the strategy as a target group as are young people aged 15 – 24.

Part of the focus for children is to increase the proportion of families accessing services relevant to the first 2000 days of life and to priorities the availability of appropriate programs and services.  It would be great to get your perspective if the strategy goes far enough in its recommendations.

Please let us know if you have any key concerns or issues with the draft strategy that CHA could/should put forward. 

If you have any feedback for CHA to include please email by Friday June 12, 2020.

A link to strategy is available here   

You can also respond directly the George Institute on Survey Monkey  via this link

If you have question or concerns about the consultation please contact;

Injury Strategy
Facilitators of the National Injury Prevention Strategy
The George Institute for Global Health | AUSTRALIA