Companion Guide to Safety & Quality Improvement in Paediatric Care

14 April 2018

Our members have been working together over the past year or so to develop this Workbook. Lots of people with expertise in paediatric care, in service management and in safety & quality of care for children have had input to the design of this tool.  The tool's aims are to:

  • support clinical teams - regardless of whether they work in emergency care, outpatients, wards, or PICUs, 
  • identify opportunities to further improve the care being provided to children, young people and their families, and
  • work together to make those improvements a reality.

​​​​​It recognizes that each clinical team caring for children has a unique context. The facilities available, the space you work in, the systems in place, the people in the team and the group of children & families being cared for are unique to each service. But what they all have in common is that we are all human beings, and as human beings our relationships with one another are important and shape what we can achieve together. 

This workbook does not give you the answers about how to deliver safe care to children. It is not another training course. Rather, it aims to help you and your colleagues to ask yourselves some key questions about how you work together, and to better understand what you are doing well, and what you might be able to do better for the benefit of children and families in your care. 

Access and download the companion guide: