Children’s Health Queensland awarded Gold Certification for Excellence in Person-Centred Care by Planetree International

4 March 2021

Children’s Health Queensland has become the first paediatric healthcare provider in the Southern Hemisphere to be awarded Gold Certification for Excellence in Person-Centred Care by Planetree International.

Children’s Health Queensland, which includes the Queensland Children’s Hospital, along with community, mental health and specialist statewide services, is one of only 98 healthcare organisations worldwide to receive the Person-Centred Care Gold Certification since 2007, and the first and only (paediatric or otherwise) in Australia.

The prestigious Person-Centred Care Certification recognises Children’s Health Queensland’s long-standing commitment to people, partnerships, equity and innovation in order to deliver the best care for Queensland children and young people.

Planetree International was set up in the 1970s by American Angelica Thieriot, motivated by her own experiences as a patient, to “restore a greater sense of compassion and partnership to healthcare”.

Since 2007, just 98 healthcare organisations worldwide have received Planetree’s gold certification, including The Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US. Children’s Health Queensland is the first Australian organisation to achieve the standard, although other hospitals are working towards it.

“The Planetree Certification is the only award that recognises excellence in a person-centred approach across the continuum of care,” said Susan Frampton, president of Planetree International. “Organisations that earn Gold Certification for Excellence in Person-Centred Care represent healthcare and humanity at their best.”

“This Gold Certification signals to patients, families and the Queensland community that Children’s Health Queensland is a health system where staff partner with patients and families, and where patient and family comfort, dignity, empowerment and wellbeing are prioritised as key elements of providing top-quality clinical care.”

To earn person-centred care certification, Children’s Health Queensland was evaluated against 26 criteria identified by patients, residents, family members and healthcare professionals as what matters most to them during a healthcare experience.

This includes the quality of patient-provider interactions, access to information, family involvement, the physical care environment, as well as how an organisation supports its staff to provide the best possible clinical care.

In its assessment, Planetree International highlighted Children’s Health Queensland’s proven dedication to implementing and spreading person-centred priorities across the organisation through governance structures such as its Family-Centred Care Committee and other consumer advisory groups.

The certification process included a review of performance on patient experience and quality of care measures, and how measurement of these indicators improved organisational outcomes. In its report, Planetree International also praised Children’s Health Queensland for its “thoughtful and effective approach for partnering with harder-to-reach populations to ensure health equity and minimise disparities.”

Children’s Health Queensland Chief Executive Frank Tracey said the achievement of Person- Centred Care Gold Certification reflected the organisation’s leading role in paediatric healthcare in Australasia.

“It’s a testament to our staff’s unwavering commitment to providing safe, high-quality and lifechanging paediatric care each and every day. It recognises that we have not only first-class facilities and systems but also an outstanding

team of clinicians and support staff who actively strive to work collaboratively with each other, with patients, families, and with our service partners to deliver the best possible healthcare experience for every child in our care.”

“Our person-centred care approach considers children, young people and their families as true partners in their care, and places individual social, emotional, cultural, mental and physical care needs at the heart of their healthcare journey.

“We look forward to continuing to partner with children, young people, their families and communities as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring every Queensland child can access the best care, as close to their home as possible.”

As a Planetree Gold-Certified service, Children’s Health Queensland joins the ranks of some of the world’s leading hospital and healthcare organisations, including The Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US, the largest academic medical centre in the world.