ARACY Webinar - Population Health: Guiding evidence-based investment in health and well-being

10 September 2019

This ARACY webinar on Wednesday 18 September, delivered by Children's Health Queensland Chief Executive Prof Frank Tracey, will offer valuable insight into how population-level health approaches can drive improvements and equitable health outcomes, guiding evidence-based investment by equipping leaders and policymakers with the data they need and applying data to deliver integrated care.

Differences in socioeconomic status and other aspects of society translate into inequities in child health and development outcomes. As Chief Executive of Children's Health Queensland, Adjunct, Associate Professor Tracey aims to improve the health status of the population as a whole while safeguarding equity of health outcomes and services across the population. The conditions in which children are born, grow, live and educated – and a wider set of policies, systems, agendas and social norms – shape the adults they'll become. Using a population health approach enables informed decision making, with data and evidence giving leaders and policy developers the insight needed to resource services and measure success.

Prof Tracey will discuss health inequity and the use of population data to help drive investment, applying data to deliver integrated care through partnership and collaboration. This webinar will be valuable for all those working in the health sector, helping to drive communications and sustainable funding strategies, working towards better health outcomes.

About the speaker

Associate Professor Frank Tracey has more than 30 years’ experience working in health systems. He has a background in nursing and holds advanced qualifications in both health and management. His extensive experience in health commissioning and provision in clinical and community settings is complemented by strong managerial and leadership skills, and an applied interest in translational health research. While working in both government and non-government roles he has focused on delivering sustainable health strategies that serve the best interests of patients, health professionals, the broader health system and the community.


Title: Population Health: Guiding evidence-based investment in health and wellbeing
Date: Wednesday 18 September 2019
Time: 12.00pm-1.00pm AEST
Cost: Free for ARACY Members, $25+GST for non-members