All managers and clinicians of member paediatric services are welcome to participate in one or more of CHA's Networks.  The Networks are formed in response to interest from members and focus on particular projects or themes of common interest.  Most are multidisciplinary focusing on a common theme like complex care or medication safety.  Some are for individuals in defined roles, such as CEOs, medical or nursing executives, or ward managers.  

The Networks make it easy for peers across the children's health sector to connect with one another, ask questions of each other, provide advice and share resrouces.   Participants drive the agenda for each meeting, give presentations or briefings about their own service and discuss common challenges & strategies for overcoming them.  Inspiring innovations are regularly shared too.

Network meetings generally occur via web conferences, and are supplemented by on-line discussion and annual face-to-face meetings. All Networks are supported by the CHA team.  To register your interest in participating in one or more of CHA's Networks contact our Networking Coordinator.  


Allied Health

The Allied Health Network is a multidisciplinary group of Allied Health Managers involved in paediatric care.  The group covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Engaging with parents & carers,
  • Red flag issues,
  • Identify appropriate pathway and trigger referrals
  • Opportunity to provide Multi D “harm Free” clinical handouts

Please see below a 1 minute glimpse into one of the presentations given at an Allied Health Web Conference.


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Child & Adolescent Mental Health

This Network acknowledges that there is a rising need for greater attention to mental health, particularly in children and adolescents. In recent times this group has been discussing:

  • Advocacy to the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority with regards to the design of the new Australian Mental Health Care Classification (AMHCC). 
  • Management of children & adolescents with Mental Health needs in the Emergency Department setting
  • Reducing readmission rates through partnerships with community and other outpatient mental health services for children & adolescents 

Child and Family Centered Care

This Network is focused on improving the involvement & engagement of children & their families in decision making, developing the paediatric patient journey & measuring Australasian improvement in the implementation of the CHA Child's Rights Charter. Recent topics of interest include:

  • Sharing of video resources to alleviate anxiety in children, e.g. My Trip to Hospital Video by Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Queensland
  • A successful Youth Health Symposium hosted by the Women's & Children's Health Network in South Australia
  • A project on the role of the child in decision making about their care by the Starlight Children's Foundation
  • The delivery of a child & family-friendly environment, such as Monash Children’s Hospital's imaging services.  

Children's Hospitals Performance and Efficiency

CHA supports the Children's Hospitals to share data and management strategies with one another with the aim of improving the quality of care & reducing costs in an environment of budgetary pressure.   Topics discussed in this SIG include:

  • Results from quarterly Children’s Hospitals Performance & Efficiency KPIs 
  • Results from Inpatient, Emergency Department & Outpatient Activity & Costing benchmarking,  
  • Reducing the Average Length of Stay of particular cohorts of patients , such as children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease through adoption of new models of care or outpatient support services.  

Complex Care

This Network was established in late 2015 and focuses on complex care on an individual, organizational and nationwide level. The CHA Complex Care SIG in 2017 has been extremely active, with  web conferences focusing on:

  • Care Coordination policies & practices at each of the Children's Hospitals
  • Design & delivery of connected care programs to support children with complex needs living in regional or rural areas and their families
  • Medication management issues and solutions
  • Family Stories of Complex Care and Medication trials

Executive Directors of Medical Services

This Network was established in late 2017. It provides an opportunity for the most senior medical executive from each of the Children's hospitals to become acquainted with one another, to share common challenges & concerns, and to showcase things that are going well at their respective hospitals.  

Medication Safety

This is CHA’s longest running Network having commenced in the early 2000s.  It continues to actively promote paediatric focused medication safety initiatives across Australia and New Zealand.   Some of the topics currently being discussed include:

  • Medication Safety Alerts – How are these used and communicated effectively to staff
  • EpiPen vs Vials for anaphylaxis – Risks, costs & solutions
  • Lessons learnt for maintaining medication safety during a service move to a new building.
  • Advising the Australian Commission on Safety & Quality on a national Paediatric Prescribing positon statement 

NICU and Special Care Nurseries

This Network was established in 2014 and brings together managers, doctors, nurses and midwives involved in the providing care to newborn babies.  Topics currently being discussed include:

  • Re-build of SCN & NICU facilities – planning, design (e.g. open plan vs single/double units) and move day strategies.
  • Neonate Sepsis and the Neonatal Early Onset Sepsis Calculator (KEMH WA)
  • Feeding intervention for babies >32 weeks gestation – cot positioning, pumps vs gravity feeds on the frequency of respiratory events 
  • Sucrose, Music Therapy and the combination of the two for pain relief for babies in NICU

Paediatric Educators

This Network brings togther educators involved in supporting nurses to remain confident and competent in the care of babies, children and young people.  Current topics for discussion include: 

  • Frameworks for mapping and monitoring staff training
  • Organisation & timing of education services in overly busy paediatric wards
  • Cardiac Monitoring in children – best practice for magnesium sulfate ward based admission.  

Paediatric Executives of Nursing

The Executives of Nursing Network provides a forum in which nursing professional and workforce problems and issues are discussed. Topics covered include:

  • Measures to improve governance and quality of paediatric patient care
  • The provision of care to the critically unwell child - paediatric intensive care services & challenges 
  • Metrics to measure performance of the paediatric nursing workforce
  • Child Health Acceleration Program which comprises mentorship, clinical rotations, and postgraduate study

Paediatric Emergency Care

This Network provides a forum to talk about challenges & opportunities for managing Paediatric Emergency Care in both specialist and mixed Emergency Departments. Topics currently being discussed include:

  • Workforce Profiling, skillmix, & development, both medical and nursing.
  • Successful strategies for optimising the flow of children through ED
  • Paediatric Mental Health Emergency training: de-escalating the agitated and aggressive young person.
  • Design of ED facilities to optimise experience and care for children & young people
  • Insights from the CHA ED Activity and Costing ED dataset.  What can we learn from one another

Paediatric Nursing Unit Managers

The Nurse Unit Managers Network is a longstanding network that enables peaidatric NUMS to share knowledge & provide support to one another.  Current topics of interest for the group participants include:

  • policies & practicies for children and adolescent leaving the ward, e.g. criteria led discharge. 
  • Insights for learning from one another arising from CHA Benchmarking,
  • The design & management of Paed Emergency Short Stay Units within an inpatient area
  • Enahncing coordination & flow of children between the ED and paediatric ward

Paediatric Units

This Network has been actively meeting for over 5 years and is a multidisciplinary group to enable networking between Directors of Paediatrics and Nurse Unit Managers of paediatric units in general hospitals. Topics currently of interest to this network include:

  • Best practice care of children with Bronchiolitis, including the use of High-flow warm humidified oxygen vs. standard low-flow nasal cannula oxygen for moderate bronchiolitis
  • Workforce recruitment & retention strategies, both medical & nursing for paediatric care
  • Enhancing capacity to meet the needs of peaidatric patients with mental health issues
  • Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Domestic Violence (DV) and strategies for recognising & responding to children in healthcare settings.

Paediatric Safety & Quality

This Network brings together mangers & clinicans with responsibility & interest in enhancing the safety & quality of paediatric care across all levels of services.  Areas of intest within the group include:

  • International best practice in terms of minimisng harm to children receiving care in hospitals, e.g Intensive with Prof Stephen Muething from the US based Solutions for Patient Safety
  • Development and testing of a Companion to Safety & Quality in Paediatrics handbook, aimed at supporting local clinical teams to identify and address barriers to safe care of children in their local context.  
  • Sharing Lessons Learnt from SAC 1 and SAC 2 Investigations
  • Determining the frequency and severity of adverse events on ward  & lessons arising from such incidents.

Please see below a 1 minute glimpse into one of the presentations given at the Paediatric Safety & Quality Face to Face Insight Forum.


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Transition of Care

This Network was established in 2016 for managers and clinicians involved in helping adolescent patients with ongoing healthcare needs to transition from paediatric to adult healthcare services.  Topics currently being discussed within this group are: 

  • Painful Transition – Young people’s experiences of living with persistent pain
  • Incorporating evaluation and data systematically
  • Launchpad – Autism Spectrum Leaving school and leading your own life Website
  • Use of technology to help facilitate Transition – Autism App development Project
  • Facilitating establishing relationships for paediatric patients with relevant adult health specialists

Directors of Nursing - Paediatric Services

CHA's Directors of Nursing Network brings together individuals in common roles across the paediatric sector, from large tertiary specialist paediatric hospitals through to regional and rural hospitals providing emergency and inpatient care to children.   The Directors of Nursing Network provides a forum in which models of care, professional and workforce issues are discussed. 

Please see below a 1 minute glimpse into one of the presentations given at a Directors of Nursing Face to Face Insight Forum. 


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