One of the most valuable services CHA provides members is networking opportunities.

CHA membership makes you part of an instant community of colleagues and peers who share a passion for excellence. We enable health professionals across Australia and New Zealand to network with others in similar fields and roles.Our networks are dynamic, solution focused, and typically multidisciplinary.

Networking opportunities are available to all staff from member services, and take a number of forms, including:

  • Special Interest Groups
  • Member initiated surveys and queries
  • Opportunities to network face to face with peers

Special Interest Groups

CHA facilitates several networking groups known as Special Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs are formed in response to interest from members. They can focus on particular projects of common interest, or on networking, support and information sharing, or both.  SIG members drive the agenda, supported by the CHA office. SIG members share information on policies and practice via member initiated queries or surveys. 

SIG networking occurs through teleconferences, on-line discussion forums and face-to-face meetings, enabling members to readily share experiences, resources and tools and to provide support to one another in the face of common issues or challenges. 
Click here to download a print ready brochure about CHA's Special Interest Groups.

There are currently a number of active SIGs within CHA:

If you are currently a SIG member, you can access SIGs content via the dropdown menu, after you have logged in.

To join any of our SIGs, or to find out more about the networking opportunities available to you, please contact our Deputy CEO, Julie Hale by email or on +61 02 6175 1900.