Project CALM - Prevention & Management of Procedural Pain, Anxiety and Pain Related Distress - 19 August 2021 at 12:30pm (AEST)


The focus of this web conference is on Project CALM, a multidisciplinary collaboration at Queensland Children's Hospital.

Project CALM is a hospital and healthcare system wide approach to the prevention and management of procedural pain, anxiety and pain related distress.
It is a multidisciplinary collaboration at QCH. This presentation will share some insights in to the background and planning for development and implementation of this initiative.

Procedural pain is defined as the short lived acute pain associated with investigations and treatments conducted for the purposes of healthcare.
Poorly managed procedural pain has wide reaching impacts upon the patients and their families and carers, the healthcare teams who look after them, and also upon efficiency in healthcare settings and resources.

CHQ is working towards developing a best practice procedural care model and will pursue the implementation of this across our health care system.

About the presenter:

Dr Alex Donaldson MBBS (hons) FANZCA
Paediatric Anaesthetist
Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane

Following anaesthesia training and a Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship at the Royal Children’s Hospital (Brisbane) in 2009, Alex has been a paediatric anaesthetist at the RCH and then QCH Brisbane. Alex also has a mixed adult and paediatric private practice. Alex has always had a keen interest in trying to alleviate procedural and peri operative anxiety and has undertaken training in paediatric hypnotherapy. Alex is the Clinical Lead for Procedural Anxiety service at QCH and is the Co-Chair of the SPAMZNA Forum for procedural and perioperative anxiety EPIC. Alex also has an interest in Onco-Anaesthesia and is the Clinical Lead for Oncology at QCH.

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