Upcoming Events

Here you will find a list of upcoming CHA events. To access resources and recordings from previous events, please log in to to the members area!
23 August 2018
Brisbane, QLD

Leadership Masterclass with Adrian Nowitzke

How do we lead the creation of cultures that improve safety and allow innovation (and therefore failure and risk) at the same time?  The answer is clinical leadership. Don't miss this Leadership Masterclass with leadership consultant & former hospital CEO Dr Adrian Nowitzke, where we will explore leadership as it applies to hospitals in a very pragmatic way.
5 September 2018 to 7 September 2018
Melbourne, VIC

10th National Paediatric Bioethics Conference

The healthcare landscape is changing. Clinical decisions, communication with families and relationships between health professionals, parents and children are increasingly being influenced and directed by social media, crowdfunding for unproven or expensive treatments, and the availability of new technologies and devices for monitoring health. This conference will explore the ethical implication of this changing landscape for paediatric health care.
7 November 2018 to 9 November 2018
Surfers Paradise, QLD

2018 Youth Health Conference

This year’s conference will explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people’s health, diversity and health, and sexuality education and sexual health as its major themes. Technology, mental health, and young people with chronic illness and disability will be just some of our other streams.
12 November 2018
Sydney, NSW

CHA Directors of Nursing

Join your Nursing Director peers for a rich day of networking & discussion on mutual challenges & successful strategies in the management of paediatric hospitals and units across Australia & New Zealand.
13 November 2018 to 14 November 2018
Sydney, NSW

CHA Paediatric Units Event

CHA's annual face to face meeting of Paediatric Units is a not to be missed chance to network with other Directors and NUMs of paediatric unites in general hospitals to share common challenges & strategies for enhancing healthcare for children & their families.
21 November 2018 to 22 November 2018

Safer Families - The International Domestic Violence & Health Conference

The Safer Families centre of research excellence will be hosting a teleconference late this year in Melbourne. There aim is to make families safer by generating evidence-informed knowledge to assist services to identify domestic violence early & tailor effective responses.