Improving Value in Healthcare Series: Clinical Supervision - 28 October 2021 at 12:30pm (AEDT)


The focus of this web conference is Clinical Supervision - the transformative benefits of regular time for critical reflection and support within contemporary professional practice.

In 2019, the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), Australian College of Mental Health Nursing (ACMHN) and Australian College of Midwives (ACM) released a joint Position Statement on Clinical Supervision. (link is external) 
The statement recommends implementation of clinical supervision (CS) as an essential component of professional nursing and midwifery practice.  CS allows time for critical reflection in the context of a supportive relationship between a supervisor and supervisee/s.

“Clinical Supervision is increasingly recognised as a core component of professional support for contemporary nursing and midwifery practice.
There is consistent evidence that effective Clinical Supervision impacts positively on the professional development as well as the health and wellbeing of supervisees.
The health and wellbeing of nurses and midwives is vital for recruitment and retention and ultimately a healthy and sustainable workforce.

There is also emerging evidence that Clinical Supervision of health-care staff impacts positively on outcomes for service-users.”

The presentation provides an overview of Clinical Supervision:

  • What it is and What it isn’t,
  • Benefits, and
  • What’s needed for implementation

Clinical Supervision  requires supervisors who have undertaken specific training to understand the boundaries of practice, and knowledge and skills to facilitate the reflective process in a safe and supportive learning space. 
Staff from Sydney Children’s Hospital Network who have completed a foundational training program for supervisors in 2021 will contribute to discussion and questions about their experience of Clinical Supervision and early implementation to date.


About the Presenter:

Sue Harvey RN, RM, BN, Postgrad Cert in Child & Family Health Nursing, MN (Hons)

Sue is the Senior Associate of Clinical Supervision Consultancy (CSC), founded by Paul Spurr in 2004 for the education of supervisors and consultancy about CS.
Sue has extensive clinical experience, including as a Child and Family Health CNC, and has been motivated by her personal experience of CS to further knowledge about the benefits. 
Sue is a foundational Management Committee Member of the Australian Clinical Supervision Association (ACSA).  In addition she has contributed to development of the ‘The Superguide: a clinical supervision continuum for nurses and midwives’ (HETI 2013), and is an author of peer-reviewed journal articles on CS.  Sue is currently researching the approach and components needed to prepare midwives as confident and competent supervisors, and provides CS in private practice.

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