Improving Value in Healthcare Series: Authentic Experience Based Codesign - 3 August 2021 at 12:30pm (AEST)


The focus of this web conference is on how we can authentically engage with consumers in design and delivery of services using Experienced Based Codesign (EBCD)

Experience-based co-design (EBCD) is a quality improvement approach that is being used internationally to bring service users and health professionals together to improve healthcare experiences, systems and processes.  

Experience-based co-design (EBCD) provides an authentic mechanism for improving services delivery by creating true partnerships with consumers. Staff and service users actively work together to make decisions and become responsible for decisions throughout the entire improvement process, including the implementation and evaluation. 
We will hear examples of projects using methodology including Bursting the Bubble’ , a project to increase the controlled delivery of oxygen for people admitted to hospital for an acute exacerbation of their symptoms for COPD, to demonstrate the application of Experience-Based Co-Design (EBCD).  As well as the application of this methodology in more paediatric focused projects.  
We aim to share the key factors important to ensure consumers are truly partners in design, delivery and evaluation, as well as contextual factors and conditions that supported or hinder the process. 

About the Presenters:

Tara Dimopoulos-Bick, Evidence Generation and Dissemination Manager – Experiential Evidence, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and she has a Social Work background.
Tara’s work focuses on bringing the knowledge, expertise and wisdom from individuals and groups to the forefront as part of the ACI’s evidence model. Her interests include participatory research methods and positioning patient experience as a form of evidence. Tara recently co-authored Anyone can co-design?”: A case study synthesis of six experience-based co-design (EBCD) projects for healthcare systems improvement in New South Wales, Australia is external)

Jess Leefe, Consumer Engagement and Co-Design Manager, NSW Health Agency for Clinical Innovation.
Jess’ work brings together her personal passion for improving and reimagining healthcare with a decade of experience in Customer Experience and Strategic Design. Her current work is focused on building capacity for co-design through skillsets mindsets toolsets and knowledge sets. Jess’ career has spanned private, not for profit and public sectors with a continued focus on working together with people who use and deliver services; she is interested in how ways of working together  including meaningful and authentic conversations and creative problem solving can bring about powerful change and innovation in healthcare.

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