Creating a Culture of Safety and Respect - St Vincent's Ethos Program - 18 August 2021 at 12:30pm (AEST)


The focus of this web conference is on Creating a Culture of Safety and Respect -  St Vincent's Ethos Program (link is external)

Unprofessional behaviour in healthcare is widespread, and significantly undermines the effective functioning of teams, staff wellbeing, patient experience and safety, and organisational productivity.  Unprofessional behaviours are associated with higher staff turnover, incidence of patient dissatisfaction, medicolegal risk and significant financial costs.

Prof Johanna Westbrook will outline research undertaken to understand prevalence, type and impact of unprofessional behaviours among hospital employees in Australia and introduce the work funded to reduce this behaviour which was implemented as part of an NHMRC funded partnership project.

Sarah Sweeney will talk about the implementation of the  Ethos Program at St Vincent’s Health Network in Sydney, which is a peer led early intervention program designed to recognise staff who exhibit positive behaviour and/or are exceptional role models as well as remove barriers to speaking up about unprofessional behaviour that undermines patient and staff safety. 

Ethos involves online reporting tools, as well as comprehensive multifaceted  training program in both speaking up, but also how to deliver feedback effectively, that offers the other person the opportunity to reflect and think about ways they may behave differently  next time. 

Sarah will share with us the key elements they have found have influenced  uptake and effectiveness of the program locally as well as how the program is being expanded to other health services around Australia.

About the presenters:

Prof Johanna Westbrook is the Director at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research.  Sarah Sweeney is the Value Based Care and Innovation Manager at St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney.

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