Child & Adolescent Mental Health: Parent Focused Meal Support Intervention PART B - Implementation, Champions & Challenges - 5 May 2021 at 12:30pm (AEST)


The focus of this web conference is on Parent- Focused Meal Support Intervention - the Implementation, Champions and Challenges.  

On the 9th of February we had the opportunity to hear about the  Parent Focused Meal Support Intervention at Gold Coast University Hospital.  This significantly reduced readmission rates and length of stay, resulting in savings of $385,000. Under this MoC, 81% of patients had maintained or increased weight 4 weeks post discharge.

This web conference will provide you the opportunity to unpick how this MoC can be implemented into your service; discussing strategies, tips, tricks and challenges.

The presenters will discuss the following questions:

  • What are the key consideration before you commence? 
  • What are the strategies to ensure staff consistency? 
  • How can you to get executive buy in? 
  • Did you just finish one MoC on Friday and start on the new MoC on the Monday morning?
  • What were the steps involved in the implementation of the MoC into GCUH QLD?
  • How did you get all staff to understand how important consistency is for patient recovery?
  • How can you see this MoC being implemented in smaller regional services through to larger tertiary?
  • And many, many more questions.

About the presenter:

Dr Penny Larcombe is a Staff Specialist Paediatrician at the Gold Coast University Hospital.  She has a special interest in Adolescent Medicine, in particular Eating Disorders, Functional Disorders and Persistent Pain. 

Dr Larcombe is interested in finding innovative models of care that promote patient-centred care, improve patient outcomes and reduce acute hospital utilisation.  In 2019, she was the successful applicant of the Improvers Grant for Gold Coast Health providing recurrent funding for an outpatient multidisciplinary service of young people with functional disorders. 

She recently won the 2020 Safety & Quality Improvement Award for improving patient/person-centred care for her parent-focused feeding support intervention for young people with eating disorders.

How can I join this web meeting?

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