CHA Directors of Nursing - Paediatric Services Face to Face Insight Forum 2019

The CHA Directors of Nursing - Paediatric Services Insight Forum will be held on the 30th October 2019. 
This face to face forum will be held in conjunction with the CHA Paediatrc Units face to face forum which will be held on 31st October and 1st November 2019.

Why attend?

Directors of Nursing play a crucial role in the efficient delivery of healthcare to children and their families across Australia and New Zealand.  There can be considerable pressures in the role, ranging from the day to day challenges of keeping staff productive, competent and happy, coping with fluxes in demand and capacity, through to reporting up the line, keeping children on the radar at executive meetings, planning and delivering service improvements, etc. 

This meeting provides a rich opportunity to network with other DONs responsible for children’s healthcare, to share the challenges, the achievements and the joys of the job. 

What will the program cover?

The program for this highly interactive one day meeting is developed each year in consultation with participants.  Common themes addressed in previous meetings include:

  • Building the confidence and competence of your paediatric nursing workforce
  • Innovations in models of care for different cohorts of children, e.g. children with asthma, children with complex co-morbidities, etc
  • Responding to children with behavioural dysregulation in the paediatric ward
  • Driving efficiency improvements e.g. through criteria led discharge
  • Succession planning & leadership development in your nursing workforce
  • Service redesign / enhancement to better meet the needs of children & families

Who should attend?

This meeting is open only to individuals from CHA member hospitals who hold the position of Director of Nursing or equivalent at their health service. 

Registration costs

Member rate: $315 (+GST)

If you are planning to attend this meeting alongside the CHA Paediatric Units face to face insight forum then you can register for a reduced 3 day rate of $795 (+GST).  Please select this option when registering and you will automatically be registered for the CHA Paediatric Units Forum.  For more information please contact the office on (02) 6185 0325 to speak to our events team.

Venue & Accomodation

This meeting will take place at Oaks on Market, Melbourne.