Acute Incident Response (AIR) Program – Psychological first aid post-acute incident in the ED - 9 November 2021 at 12:30pm (AEDT)


With the increasing patient volume and acuity present in emergency departments it is becoming more common for clinicians to be exposed to a wide variety of traumatic and stress-inducing events.
These events can lead to lasting psychological harm, including compassion fatigue, burnout, and acute stress disorders which begs the question:

How can clinician wellbeing best be supported directly after acute incidents?

The Acute Incident Response program at John Hunter Hospital is a concise, evidence based approach to collaboratively debriefing a clinical team following an acutely traumatic or stress inducing incident in the emergency department.
It aims to manage clinician wellbeing directly after exposure to acutely stress-inducing incidences. The program combines early intervention peer psychological support alongside continuous performance improvement to create clinician-led workplace peer support and team cohesion in the initial stages of follow-up to a stressful workplace event.

This presentation will

  • Improve your understanding of the state of evidence relating to post event debriefing in 2021
  • Outline the AIR program as a construct to be used in the setting of clinical debriefing
  • Answer questions relating to the practical application of debriefing in the clinical environment
  • AIR model is highly transferable and can be rapidly applied in a wide variety of acute care settings.


About the Presenter:

Jeremy Pallas
Clinical Nurse Consultant
John Hunter Emergency Department
With a strong background in clinical education, Jeremy is passionate about the continual evolution of the advanced practice nursing role and has a strong belief in the value of a well-educated and well supported clinician.

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