Children's Rights Charter



The Charter on the Rights of Children and Young People in Healthcare Services in Australia 

The Charter on the Rights of Tamariki Children and Rangatahi Young People in Healthcare Services in Aotearoa New Zealand 


CHA has developed posters to raise awareness of children's and young people's rights in healthcare. Health services are welcome to download, print, and display these posters to help children and young people understand their rights. 

Rights of Children in Health Care

Rights of Young People in Health Care

Self-Evaluation Tool

CHA adapted our own self-evaluation tool to help health services assess their compliance with children's rights.

A more detailed explanation of the self-evaluation model, and a more developed self-evaluation tool can be found here

More Information:

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is an international treaty protecting the human rights of children, to which Australia is a signatory. 

The Child Rights Website gives more information about the implementation of the CRC in Australia.

The Australian Human Rights Commission publishes an annual Children's Rights Report, as well as a child-friendly version. 

UNICEF has a number of educational resources about children's rights.