Celebrating 30 Years

Children's Healthcare Australasia 30th Year Anniversary - November 2018 

On the 13th November 2018 Children's Healthcare Australasia celebrated our 30th Anniversary Year by holding an Event  to acknowledge the dedication of past and present members, directors, staff and children's healthcare professionals to enhance the health and wellbeing of children and young people. Over 30 years, CHA has grown from 6 member hospitals in 1988 to more than 80 today.

CHA celebrates our improvements over the past 30 years for members including:

  • launching a new website in February 2019 that allows members to actively engage with each other via our online forums
  • increasing the number and value of our Special Interest Groups to cater to growing needs within children's health services
  • tailoring our benchmarking programs to make it easier for each health service to identify trends with either their performance or their data
  • hosting face to face meetings to review topical issues and to help  facilitate possible improvements within health services
  • host regular networking teleconferences to share patient stories and improvement projects
  • regularly supply group submissions to National Advocacy Consultations
  • purchasing office premises to secure the future of the organisation for our members
  • steadily increasing our member base and staff  to support the changing needs of healthcare services within the children's Healthcare sector

We warmly thank all those who have so generously volunteered their time and expertise, for without their contribution CHA would not be what it is today, especially the following:

Les White
Past Presidents/ Founding Directors:
Ivor Davies, Founding Director
Barry Rex Catchlove, Founding Director/President
Brian James Fotheringham, Founding President /CEO
David Kenneth Baron Fraser, Founding Director
Reta Creegan, Founding Director
James Birch, Past President 1995-1996
Gareth Goodier, Past President 1997-1998
Kathy Alexander, Current Patron and Past President 1999-2000
Les White, Past President 2000-2004
Kim Oats, Past President 2004-2005
Alan Isles, Past President 2005-2006
Bernadette Twomey, Past President 2007-2008
Past Presidents/Directors - Cont':
Graham Vimpani, Past President 2008-2009
Graham Reynolds, Past President 2009-2012
Trish Davidson, Past President 2012-2018
Fionnagh Dougan, 2018-Current President
Barbara Vernon (Current)
Elizabeth Chatham
Joanna Holt
Anne Elizabeth Cahill
John Samuel Yeatman


Congratulations to the CHA Medal of Distinction Winner for 2018:

The CHA Medal of Distinction for 2018 was awarded to Christine Fan from Sydney Children's Health Network. Christine has been tirelessly dedicating herself to her work at Sydney Children's Health Network and making a big difference behind the scences in health information. We thank Christine for her huge contribution to the wider children's healthcare community. 

Christine has shared with us her gratitude for being the 2018 Medal of Honour Winner:
"I am extremely humbled & thankful to be the 2018 recipient of the CHA Medal of Distinction. To be held in the same regard as previous year’s recipients is such an honour. One of the most wonderful things about a career in paediatric services is the strong sense of a community working together for children. I have enjoyed experiencing the growth of data prominence in the health arena and am excited about the opportunities that data insights hold for the future."
- Christine Fan

We wish Christine all the best for the coming year and look forward to her continual efforts to achieve excellence in children's healthcare.