Benchmarking is one of the most highly valued services CHA offers to members.

Members can benchmark against the CHA Dashboard Suite of Indicators and/or Activity & Costing data, both of which are published annually in de-identified reports. Through CHA's benchmarking service, members can compare their service with similar sized services from across Australia and New Zealand. Participation also allows members to identify areas where their service is doing well, as well as areas where improvement may be needed.

The CHA Benchmarking Program program, a comparative paediatric database and series of both Clinical Dashboard and Activity & Costing Reports, includes inpatient clinical data from 80 children’s services from across Australia and New Zealand.    


Hospitals can compare their paediatric patent population to peer groups for benchmarking on key measures such as presentation by DRG, proportion of sameday cases, readmissions, average length of stay, cases, cost and more.


Eligible hospitals subscribe on an annual basis, but can join the program at any time. For more information, email us here

Participating members receive:

  • Print and digital copies of annual benchmarking reports
  • Individualised Reports that include trend and comparative data
  • Ongoing support from our Benchmarking team
  • Access to a secure, on-line data portal for analysis of data
  • Evidence of benchmarking participation to assist with accreditation
  • Access to our annual benchmarking workshop
  • Teleconference support for individual services in the application of the data to the clinical/managerial setting