Annual General Meeting

Children’s Healthcare Australasia holds its Annual General meeting in October or November each year.  Details will be distributed to our members and published here.

Notice of Annual General Meeting for 2021

Children’s Healthcare Australasia, a non-profit Health Promotion Charity, cordially invites all interested members and member representatives to attend the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Association which will take place as follows:

Thursday 25 November 2021:

2.15pm-2.30pm (AEDT)
4.15pm New Zealand
1.45pm South Australia
1.15pm Queensland
12.45pm Northern Territory
11.15am Western Australia

 Via Zoom Web Conference (25th November 2021)


Meeting Agenda

President and Board Chair, John Stanway, will provide an update on CHA’s activities and finances over the 2020-21 year. Members will then vote on nominations for Director.  
Please click on the relevant links below for more information:

Agenda CHA AGM 2021
Minutes of 2020 AGM 
Appointment of a Proxy form
CHA Annual Report 2021 
Presidents slides
Election of Directors

Thank you for your ongoing support for Children’s Healthcare Australasia.  

For further information please contact:

Dr Barbara Vernon 
CHA Company Secretary 

Email:     Email CHA,  or 
Post:        PO Box 194,  
                 Mitchell, ACT, 2911, Australia.  
Tel:         +61 2 6185 0325

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