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CHA is proud to support a wide range of paediatric services, from large specialist hospitals to paediatric wards in small rural services throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our members are united by their dedication to providing excellence in the care of children and young people.

Once a hospital or health service is registered as a member, all managers, clinicians and paediatric staff in member hospitals involved in providing care to children & young people are welcome to participate in CHA networks, meetings, benchmarking and the online community.  In other words, if your hospital or health service is a CHA member you have access to all CHA services. To see if your hospital or health service is a member visit our Current Member list

For more information about CHA membership, see our Membership Prospectus.

If you're interested in your peadiatric service becoming a member organisation in CHA, Contact Us.



All Paediatric staff from member hospitals have access to a valuable range of services and benefits, including:

  1. Networking Opportunities – CHA facilitates networking for all paediatric staff in a member hospital through our Special Interest Groups and member events;
  2. Benchmarking Services – CHA offers all our member hospitals the opportunity to benchmark against other member hospitals and services across Australia and New Zealand.
  3. Advocacy Services – CHA advocates to governments, the media, and other stakeholders regarding the interests of its members.
  4. A rich array of information & resources from peer services – CHA members generously share ideas, advice, resources, images, videos, tools and other resources specific to paediatric healthcare through our secure online member’s community.



    CHA does not receive any direct government funding, and as a result we rely on membership fees together with supplementary funding from educational activities and corporate partners to fund our work. In order to make our services as accessible as possible to a wide range of paediatric services, we scale our membership fees by service size, using the number of annual paediatric inpatient separations as a proxy.  

    For more information on membership and to discuss the fee applicable to your paediatric service, please contact one of our friendly staff.  Contact Us.